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Gem Stone Jewelry, From Thailand

High End Custom Gemstone Jewelry, From The World's Largest Provider

Kaisilver Is The World's Largest Online Provider Of High End Custom Gem Stone Jewellery

Gem stone jewelry has been worn by mankind for many centuries. Starting with crude pieces of colored natural gemstones strung to form a necklace, bracelet or amulet, gemstone jewellery has today become an integral part of fashion and style. Mankind has also believed in the special capabalities of various gemstones and that marked the beginning of a constant quest for new gemstones, which were presumed to posess supernatural powers. There is really no shortage of jewelry with gemstones today, however sellers who provide good quality gemstone jewelry with high end craftsmanship and long term durability, are very few. Kaisilver has become virtually synonymous with high end custom gem stone jewellery and has dominated online sales of such jewelry for the past few years. Working with over 3,500 of the world's finest craftsmen and backed by the world's largest gemstone reserves that exceed 200 million carats, we have set high standards in quality of material, service and craftsmanship that no other seller can come near to. All design modifications are possible and you can also send us images of your favourite designs to be custom made.

The most popular items among gem stone jewellery are rings with gemstones. A huge variety of gemstone rings are today available for both males and females. The RG185 ring shown on this page is a classic example of the advanced design and construction of jewelry with gemstones, that has been introduced by few jewellers like Kaisilver. This ring has a prominent square gemstone in the center and looks magnificient with three genuine good quality diamonds on either side. The gemstone shown in this ring is a deep purple amethyst gemstone but you can always choose the gem stone of your choice. All Kaisilver custom gemstone jewelry can be ordered with gemstones of your choice in 14k or 18k white or yellow gold. For gemstone rings or other jewelry that will be worn frequently, we strongly recommend 14k gold because of it's hardness. All our jewellery is made with high end craftsmanship and handfinished to perfection, we do not produce low quality jewellery in a bid to please mass markets.
gemstone jewelry, amethyst diamond ring

Weight Upgrade: The weight of this gorgeous amethyst diamond ring is now upgraded, it now weighs in the range of 15 to 25 grams. This ofcourse makes it more sturdy and also more comfortable to wear.

A great example of Kaisilver gemstone jewelry, the RG185 is a yellow or white gold amethyst diamond ring. Available in both 14k or 18k gold, the ring can be ordered with a gem stone of your choice.

 Buyer Comment .......received ring yesterday as you promised. it is stunning, more beautiful than i expected. the design and craftsmanship are outstanding. thank you again, it has been a pleasure doing business with you. i will highly recommend you to everyone i know, and look forward to doing business with you in the future. your entire staff has been professional and you displayed a high degree of honesty and integrity throughout the transaction. thank your staff and your craftsman for their incredible work. please feel free to use me as a reference as a EXTREMELY satisfied customer. take care, i wish you all well. Lt. Colonel James William Brady USA, Ret. Beverly Hills, Florida

Thank you very much for all your information and help with the production and safe delivery of the ring. It is indeed more than I had hoped for and I'm sure will be a winner with my wife. It is a shame that other firms can not be as helpful, you are all to be congratulated - Thank you again. Mr.Peter Keeble, U.K. Click Here To Read More Feedback From Our Buyers

With an unmatched degree of customization and flexibility provided for all our custom made jewelry with gemstones, the RG185 can be ordered as a man or lady's ring. By changing the size of the center square gem stone, you can vary the width of the band and use the same design as a wedding or engagment pair of rings for a lady and man. You can also choose the gemstone that you prefer keeping your budget in mind.

custom made gem stone jewelry, white gold ring with diamonds jewellery with gemstones custom made in Thailand

Like all gemstone jewellery from Kaisilver, this ring has been designed after a thorough research into the gold weight, the gemstone mounting and the long term value of your gem stone ring. As the world's leading online provider of high end custom made jewellery, we ensure that you get the best value for the money spent and do not believe in rushing you into making an impulse purchase.

Below, are some of the important features and considerations that were evaluated before finalising the design of the RG185 gem stone ring.

(a) Sturdy Design: Spend some time closely observing the images of the ring. Most buyers evaluate gem stone jewelry based on just two major factors, the first is price and the second is good looks. Sellers take advantage of the lack of knowledge exhibited by most buyers and push substandard jewelry at 'friendly prices'. The glitter of gold, gemstones and diamonds seduces buyers and the seller makes a quick buck. The ring you see here has a very good construction that protects the gemstone from side impact. Gemstones are prone to being struck from the side and thus breaking or cracking at the edges. The diamonds in the ring are firmly set in the gold and do not protrude out. Also notice the sturdy band of the ring and the extra gold provided at the back of the gemstone.

(b) Substantial Gold Weight: All Kaisilver gemstone jewelry is custom made with a gold weight that is 50% to 60% more as compared to what others offer for similar designs. This allows a construction for the design that is sturdy and also keeps the gemstones and diamonds well protected and mounted. The RG185 gemstone ring has a weight of 15 to 25 grams depending on the ring and gemstone size. The healthy weight does show on the price tag, but is the only way that high end jewellery with gems and diamonds can be made. Light weight jewelry is cheaper only in the short run, as such jewellery bends and twists easily and this could result in the gemstones and diamonds dropping off. Frequent repairs and modifications including replacements for gems and diamonds that drop off will ultimately, add to the price of your gemstone jewelry.

(c) Elegant And Yet Sturdy: This gemstone ring has a head height that varies from 6mm to 8mm depending on the size of the gemstone selected. This is not rare to find, however there is another important aspect that we would like to draw your attention to. This is the width of the band behind the finger which is a healthy 3mm to 4mm high. Most buyers of gem stone jewellery overlook this feature and do not realise how important it is for the long term life of the ring. Rings with this head height are generally made with a width of just 2mm (or even lower) behind the finger. This saves gold weight but also makes the ring prone to bending out of shape. Over the years the small portion wears off and grows thinner and this could also result in the breaking of your ring. Despite the good gold weight of our gemstone jewelry, you will not find them looking clumsy and gaudy as the streamlined design adds gold where support matters most.

(d) Suitable For Males And Females: The elegant design of this custom gem stone ring makes it suitable for males as well as females. It is therefore ideal to order as a wedding or engagement ring pair. The size of the band can be increased or decreased depending on the size of the center gemstone selected. All Kaisilver gemstone jewelry is completely custom made so let us know if you need any specific changes to be made for your ring. Email us at and our team of designers and craftsmen will provide you with suggestions and price details.

(e) High End Craftsmanship: Our jewelry is completely custom made with gemstones of your choice, we do not mass produce merchandise. With 3,500 of the world's finest craftsmen working on all our custom gemstone jewellery, individual attention is provided for every aspect and feature of your ring. Strict quality checks are made at each phase of production and flawless hand finishing is done in the last stage of production. All the gemstones are hand picked and custom cut by professional gemstone experts. We do not indulge in gimmicks by including close out and blow out junk gems for our jewellery.

(f) Choice of Gemstones or Diamonds: Kaisilver has direct and preferential access to over 200 million carats of gem stones and you can order your gemstone ring with any gem stone of your choice. There is no need to limit yourself to the gemstones that you see on our website, email us at if you need a gemstone not mentioned here. We will procure the gemstone for you and send you a price quote for the same. For the RG185 ring we also provide you with an option for size of diamonds and the ring can be ordered with round diamonds of size 2mm or 2.5mm. You can also choose to exclude diamonds from the design and replace the diamonds with white sapphires or other gemstones of your choice. This will help you to lower the price tag of the ring to a certain extent.

(g) Long Term Durability: This is the most important benefit of buying your custom jewellery with gemstones from Kaisilver. The well researched designs, good gold weight and sturdy gemstone mounting add up to provide long term durability to your jewelry. Most sellers will not care about this factor and are happy to close a sale with a substandard jewel sold at a 'popular' or 'friendly' price. Buyers realise that the cheap price is a short term trick when the jewelry starts bending and going out of shape. Our jewelry is built to last and keep pace with your lifestyle. Seek advice from our experts to decide on the right kind of jewelry for your type usage.

(h) Professional Advice and Suggestions: When you decide to order this ring or any other custom gemstone jewellery from Kaisilver, you will be amazed at the high degree of personal attention that you will receive. You do not get bombarded with machine generated emails or sleek sales talk. Instead, a team of expert designers and craftsmen will answer all your queries and advise you of the best options for your requirements. You will be provided help in simple and non technical terminology and end up making a well informed decision.

(i) Stupendous Buyer Testimonials and Feedback: Over 5,000 buyers from 17 nations rely on us for all their gemstone and jewelry needs. Buyers include fashion models, TV newsreaders, members of the U.S and U.K armed forces, resort and casino owners, business professionals and other people from all walks of life. High quality merchandise, immaculate craftsmanship combined with a degree of flexibility that no other jeweller can match, have made us the world's largest online provider of high end custom made jewellery. We are directly networked to gemstone miners and manufacturers in five nations and have access to the largest jewelry manufacturing resources in Thailand. You can read some of our buyer testimonials at Buyer Feedback and Comments

Tips From Our Designers For This Custom Gemstone Ring

Your gemstone jewelry can be as interesting, exciting and gorgeous as you want it to be. The customization and flexibility of our custom jewelry with gem stones adds a new dimension to your options and virtually removes all barriers to your imagination. Our designers have compiled a list of suggestions for the RG185 gemstone ring and most of these evolved during the design phase of the ring. We are sure that these suggestions would spur you into using your imagination before ordering your ring. You can clear all your doubts and queries by emailing us at and there is no real hurry to place an order. Our gem stone jewellery is designed to keep shape and stay with you for a long time, so take your time to make your decision.

(01) One of the most popular type of jewelry with gemstones is to have a birthstone set in the jewelry. With a very prominent square gem stone in the center, this ring is ideally suited for a birthstone ring or an anniversary ring. A birthstone is associated with every month of the year and each zodiac sign. The amethyst gemstone is the February birth stone and represents the zodiac sign Aquarius. It is also the gemstone for the 6th anniversary. For the day of the week, the amethyst gem stone represents Wednesday. Kaisilver has compiled comprehensive charts for birthstones and anniversary gems. click here for our birthstone charts Since all jewelry is custom made with gemstones of your choice, you can order your ring with your birth stone.

(02) The choice of 14k or 18k gold is available for all our gemstone jewelry, make your choice depending on the type of usage that your ring will be put to. If you intend wearing your ring very often and throughout the day, 14k gold is more suitable because of it's hardness. 14k gold is harder than 18k gold and is suitable for men's rings in most cases. The final choice is yours as we provide both options for all our custom made jewellery with gemstones.

(03) The design of this gemstone ring is suited for a male or female. It is therefore an excellent choice for a pair of wedding or engagement rings. You could order the lady's ring with a smaller 6mm square gemstone and select 8mm for the male ring. The width of the band will vary according to the gemstone size selected. When choosing a pair of wedding rings it is not necessary that both rings have the same gemstone. The weight of the ring also changes depending on the size of the center gemstone selected.

(04) There is an option to vary the size of diamonds in your ring. You can choose 2mm round diamonds or a slightly larger size of 2.5mm. If you prefer changing the shape of the diamonds to square diamonds, email us and we will provide you with a price quote for the same. You can get all help and assistance that you need from our team of designers and craftsmen. It does not matter whether you finally purchase your ring from us or not.

(05) If you need a regular band ring with this design, check the tables below for pricing. The band width remains regular throughout the ring for a standard band ring. For this type of ring, a center gemstone of size 8mm will give the ring a band width of 8mm throughout the band. Similarly, your ring will have a band width of 6mm all around if you choose a gemstone of size 6mm. There would be an increase of gold weight in such cases and the tables below provide the pricing for this option.

(06) Replacing diamonds with other gemstones is another option that you might want to try. You can retain the same design of RG185 and exclude the diamonds altogether. This could be done to lower the price tag a bit or to combine gemstones with different colors in the ring. Genuine white sapphires are a good substitute for diamonds as they are almost as hard as diamonds (sapphires have a hardness of 9 and diamonds 10) and are precious gemstones. On the other hand you can combine colored gemstones in the ring, for example an Aquamarine center gemstone can be matched with blue sapphires in place of the diamonds.

Details For This Gem Stone Custom Ring
You can order your ring with diamonds and any other gemstone of your choice. You also have the option to exclude the diamonds and replace them with other gem stones. The tables below provide many gemstone options that you can choose, however if the gemstone that you need is not mentioned here, email us with details and we will procure the gemstone and provide you with pricing details for the same.

You can choose from two diamond sizes for this custom gemstone ring. Both options provide genuine round white diamonds and the size can be 2mm or 2.5mm. We would suggest using 2.5mm diamonds for an 8mm square center gemstone and for the 6mm size center gem stone you should be fine with the 2mm size diamonds. There are 6 diamonds in all with 3 diamonds being set on either side of the center gemstone.

This ring like all our other custom gemstone jewelry, can be ordered in 14k or 18k yellow or white gold. We recommend 14k gold because of it's hardness,

You can order your custom gemstone ring in any size that you wish. The gold weight is kept proportional to the size of the ring and the gemstone and ranges from 15 grams to 25 grams. In case you choose the regular band option, the weight will increase a bit and range from 18 grams to 28 grams depending on the size of the ring. The regular band option means that, the ring will have the same band width all through the band and not taper towards the back of the finger.

Gemstone Size Details The center gemstone can be chosen by you and the size can be a 6mm or 8mm square gemstone. The band width and the size of the head of your ring will depend on the size of the gemstone selected.

Band Width Specifications The normal version of the ring has a band that tapers slightly towards the back of the finger. The head height of the ring measures 6mm or 8mm depending on the size of the gemstone selected. The portion of the band at the back of the finger measures 3mm (for a 6mm gemstone) or 4mm (for a 8mm gemstone). With the high degree of customization that we provide for all gem stone jewelry, you can also order this ring as a regular band ring. The band width will then remain the same all around the band. In such a case the width of the band would be 6mm or 8mm, once again depending on the size of the gemstone selected.

RG185 Amethyst Diamond Ring With 6mm Square Gem
Please read all the information carefully, pricing details for both 6mm and 8mm square gemstones and with and without diamonds are detailed in the tables below.
Rg185 custom yellow or white gold amethyst gemstone ring with diamonds
diamond and amethyst ring, 6mm gemstone and no diamonds
14k or 18k custom amethyst ring
custom amethyst rings

For the option without diamonds, you can select any of the above gemstones to be set instead of the diamonds. A very good choice would be genuine white sapphires as they are almost as hard as diamonds and are also precious gems. If you need to use a gemstone that is not listed on our tables, please email us at and we will provide you with a price quote for the same.

Why Buy Gemstone Jewelry From Kaisilver?

A Complete Source: Most sellers of gem stone jewelry are either jewelry manufacturers with no direct source for gemstones or, have good resources for gems but rely on external jewelry production facilities. Kaisilver is the only online source for gemstone jewelry that has, direct and preferantial access to all the leading gemstone and jewelry manufacturers in Thailand. Our gemstone sources extend to five other nations and in most cases gems are acquired directly from gem stone miners.

The Name You Can Trust: We are the world's largest online provider of high end custom jewellery. Our buyers include fashion models, news readers, hotel and resort owners, members of the U.S and U.K armed forces, business professionals and doctors. We are directly networked to all the leading gemstone producers in over 15 nations. Over 3,500 skilled craftsmen and 5 of the best designers work on all Kaisilver orders.

All our jewelry with gemstones and diamonds is custom made in 14k or 18k white or yellow gold. You can choose from yellow or white gold and all gemstone options are available. Since each piece is individually made, all design modifications are available. You can even send us images of your favourite designs to be custom made.

Click Here to visit our custom gemstone jewellery section.

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How To Order Your Gem Stone Jewelry From Kaisilver

Do not be in a hurry to confirm and pay for your jewelry. Take your time to read and understand all details. If you have any further queries or doubts please email us at and we will be glad to clear all your doubts. It does not matter whether the final order comes to us or not. The only important thing is that you make a well informed decision and do not make an impulse purchase. This is the way that we prefer to do business as it helps us bring back the human touch to online selling.

Shipping charges are 25 U.S$ and shipping will be within 4 to 5 weeks of order confirmation and receipt of payment. We need this time due to the immense amount of hand work involved in finishing each ring. All gemstones and diamonds are hand picked by experts and every gemstone is custom cut by highly skilled craftsmen. Kaisilver follows some of the strictest quality control standards and each jewel is a true high end masterpiece.

Payment can be made through paypal to our email for paypal and you can register for a free paypal account at In recent months many buyers have complained regarding the huge amounts of information that paypal needs to open a new account. To handle this issue, we also accept payments through Western Union Money Transfer. The website provides information regarding Western Union Agents near you and also accepts online payments from few countries like U.S and U.K. You can visit the website at In most cases, your bank would also help you with Western Union Money Transfers. You could also make payments through International Money Orders In U.S$. Do let us know if you prefer Money Order or Western Union as a mode of payment and we will provide you with details for the same.

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