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Moonstone Rings 

Celebrating The Gemstone With A Soft Sheen

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Moonstone a type of feldspar gets it's name from the interesting visual effect that it naturally exhibits. In the old days people believed that, the mysterious sheen of moonstone was brought about by 'frozen' moonlight rays trapped in the stone. If you had to look up the traditional birthstone chart, you would find pearl, alexandrite and moonstone listed as the birthstone for the month of June. Moonstone rings are available in a range of styles and with a few variations in color too. The good thing about Kaisilver moonstone rings is that, they are custom made with your choice of design, gemstone and metal - you get to choose both gold or 925 silver as the metal option. This does mean that you do not need to limit yourself to the gold and sterling silver moonstones that you see on our website - request for design modifications or even email us with your own images and we will gladly oblige.

The gemstone has a long history and brings it's share of interesting folklore from almost every corner of the world and from every civilization. While the gem needs no introduction today, there is one thing that you need to appreciate when you proudly wear your moonstone ring - the human skills that go into bringing out the beauty of the gemstone. In it's rough naturally found condition, moonstone shows no sign of the spell binding beauty that it holds within. Every piece of rough uncut moonstone needs to be identified with reference to it's effective 'z' axis. The stone needs to be perfectly oriented to derive the best light refraction, this is absolutely essential to cause that amazing shimmer when light strikes the cut stone. The next factor is the depth of the cut stone, again to be individually estimated for every single piece of rough stone.

If you ever see a well cut moonstone, you will realize why few people can avoid the temptation to own a fine moonstone ring. The long history of the gemstone also delivers other interesting reasons for wearing both gold and silver moonstone rings. Indians still wear this gemstone with the belief that, it has some magical properties and encourages happy dreams at night. Since moonstone can be purchased in a range of prices, it has never in history been treated as a special privilege of a few. The serene beauty of moonstone rings is a big attraction for ladies but, Arab ladies adore this gem for some very interesting reasons. For many centuries, the Arabs believed that a lady should wear a moonstone stitched inside her robe or garment, this because the gem was thought to aid fertility. In today's world the Arab lady needs to hide that moonstone, she can now be seen wearing it in the form of a moonstone ring. Islam as a religion always preferred silver as compared to gold, this is just one of the reason why sterling silver moonstone rings are not hard to find.

Moonstones are available in a range of colors and prices, pick the one that suits your budget. There are two main reasons why jewelry lovers buy moonstone rings - the folklore attached to them and the gorgeous shimmer of the gem. A moderatly priced white moonstone will satisfy both these needs without putting a severe strain on your wallet. Since we source moonstone from all across the globe, let us know of any specific requirement that you might have and we will be able to procure the stone for you. If we told you that moonstone scores a 6-6.5 (out of 10) on the Mohs scale used to measure hardness, do not be alarmed. Many other gems that cost a lot more than moonstone hit an even lower hardness rating! All you need to do is to keep your moonstone ring away from places where it could be struck by physical impact. When your moonstone ring does need some cleaning, use some clean water, a tiny quantity of mild soap and a very soft toothbrush to do the job. Avoid cleaning moonstone rings in ultrasonic cleaners. If you have a 925 silver moonstone ring that has developed some tarnish, use any recommended silver jewelry polish lotion or fabric to clean the jewel - follow it up with a wash to take away any chemical residue that might remain stuck to the metal or the stone.


Kaisilver Moonstone Rings: Like all our custom jewelry, moonstone rings are crafted by highly skilled craftsmen in gold or 925 silver. You can send us your own design ideas in the form of images or sketches or, pick a design from our website and request for any modifications that you might need. If you prefer to pick a style from our website rememeber that, all the rings can be ordered in gold or sterling silver with the gemstone of your choice. Our support experts at sales@kaisilver.com will be glad to help you, so grab the benefit of their expertise before finalizing your purchase. We custom make all kinds of fine jewelry, the design, metal and gemstone can follow your choice. We have sprinkled this page with some excellent examples of rings that would be suitable for you.


sterling silver moonstone ring
A partial bezel gem setting for this sturdy and simple moonstone ring. The ring is available in a range of gem sizes custom made in both gold and 925 silver. Moonstone color options are white, grey and peach. By allowing just the right degree of gem protrusion from the surface of the ring, we have taken great care to reduce the chances of the moonstone hitting against hard objects ... more.


heart moonstone ring
The beauty and historic folklore of the moonstone perfectly complements, the 4 century old tradition of the legendary claddagh ring. One of the most meaningful heart moonstone rings that you will find. Each claddagh moonstone ring is crafted in gold or sterling silver and retains the features of the first claddagh ring made centuries ago ... more.


grey moonstone ring
Grey moonstone ring, the design concept is suitable for men or ladies - a smaller moonstone size of around 7mm would be ideal for a lady's moonstone ring. You could order your gold or sterling silver moonstone ring with a white, grey or peach color moonstone. Customization also allows you to request for a change in gemstone shape ... more.


Kaisilver can custom make all types of gold and silver jewelry. The designs for your custom made jewellery requirements can be yours or ours. With gem procurement capabilities extending to every mining location on the globe, we provide all gemstone options for both gold and sterling silver custom jewelry. The fact that we maintain complete control over the entire design and production process including gem procurement and custom cutting, reduces the need and expenses of multiple middlemen. What this means is that you get more gem and jewelry value for the money that you pay. You do not get saddled with fancy overheads and high sales staff commissions. Our support team can be contacted at sales@kaisilver.com with any questions or requirements that you might have.



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