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Custom Jewelry From Thailand


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Pink Sapphire Ring

Custom Yellow Or White Gold Sapphire Gem Stone Ring

While sapphire gold rings are quite popular, most people are aware only of blue sapphires. Yellow sapphires were quite popular around a decade ago but not much in demand today. Not many people have actually seen a pink sapphire ring and even if you did see one, you probably mistook the pink sapphire gem for some other pink stone. One of the important reasons for this is that pink sapphires are not as abundant as blue sapphires. When you talk about a yellow or white gold pink sapphire gem ring, you need to leave out concepts that require large gems. Consider yourself lucky if you can find a good and near eye clean pink sapphire that is around 5mm to 6mm or larger. While larger sizes are not exactly extinct, the price factor could weigh on your budget. You will also need to accept the fact that, pink sapphires in the 7mm to 9mm size range will have several visible inclusions and other flaws.

Our designing team worked under heavy pressure to come up with a gorgeous looking pink sapphire ring, without letting the rarity of the gem and price point of the gem stone push the ring beyond most budgets. The RG233 14k or 18k pink sapphire gem stone ring is amazing, you might call it sleek and simple. Take another look at the sensous curves on this gold ring and you could change your visualization of this ring. Despite the uniform and consistent curves, the ring reminds you of a smooth flowing modern sculpture. Remember that all this is achieved by combining some of the most talented jewelry designers, with fine craftsmanship from extremely skilled craftsmen and artisans.  

pink sapphire ring 14k or 18k
The RG233 has been described with words like sleek, sensous and even modern by many fashion experts. For us at Kaisilver, it is simply one of the best pink sapphire gem stone rings that you will find. Good metal weight offers sturdy gemstone mounting and longterm durability. Other jewelers would make this as a light weight flimsy jewel, so a direct price comparison would be misleading.

If you thought that the dainty looks of this amazing sapphire gold ring came at the expense of strength and durability, you are pleasantly mistaken. Despite the fact that sapphires are some of the hardest gems used in jewelry, no effort has been spared to include features that increase the durability of this ring. Most jewelers have started getting stingy on gold weight for jewelry, high gold prices have encouraged them to forget longterm buyer interest. There are a few popular ways to reduce jewelry gold weight and none of these is good for the buyer. The band in this ring could have been made much narrower, the gold thickness could have been reduced. We could have done substantial gold scooping inside the band. All these would result in a price reduction and brought us many more buyers but, we really do not want to play that gimmick. Lesser gold weight would also mean that your ring could bend and twist under pressure. It would also not be possible to give a firm mounting to the gem stone in your yellow or white gold pink sapphire ring with insufficient gold weight, this could cause the gem stone to become loose or even drop off.

The 10 to 12 gram gold weight might seem like a luxury but, it is what you deserve. This is a solid gold casting and you could choose 14k or 18k gold for this sapphire gemstone ring. There is no scooping of gold done and no hollows inside the band, this does wonders to the durability of the ring. Notice how the border of the pink sapphire has been neatly and thoroughly wrapped in gold. The truth is that, in a cut gem stone, the edge is always thinner than the center of the stone. The gold border helps protect the edge and also firmly holds the gem stone in place. If you still feel that additional strength would help, choose a 14k pink sapphire ring. 18k gold is a bit softer than 14k gold, we ofcourse provide both options so the choice is yours.


pink sapphire gem stone ring yellow or white gold sapphire rings, with pink sapphire gem stone

One of the important components of your sapphire gem stone ring would obviously be the gem stone. We have ensured that each gem is handpicked and closely inspected by our experts. Skilled cutters then cut each pink sapphire to precisely fit the gold mounting. We do not need to work with a fixed inventory, as we have the inventories of almost all leading global gem manufacturers open for inspection and selection. While we do not try to create a cheap shabby jewel, we also realize that every buyer works with budget constraints. The choice of two gem stone grades that we provide will help many of you feel comfortable with the pricing structure. Rest assured that no junk quality gems or factory made substitutes, will find their way into your 18k or 14k gold pink sapphire ring. It is only the huge and powerful jewelry house and television sales stations that get away with such gimmicks.

By controlling the entire production process for the gemstone and the jewel, we do not work with standard blocks and moulds. You are blessed with a high level of customization, change the gem stone type, choose a different gem shape, select a white or yellow gold sapphire ring, request for just about anything that you fancy.

Below is a price table for various options of the above sapphire ring. Remember that there is no limitation on the type of gemstone or ring size. You decide the metal, gemstone and also let us know if any design changes required. If you do not find the design, gemstone or other preferences do email us at and we will together work on details for your specific requirements. The yellow or white gold pink sapphire  ring is priced the same and you can choose from 14k or 18k gold for your ring. 

Gemstone Size

Ring Head Height

Width Behind Finger

Approx Weight

5mm to 6mm square

9mm from top to bottom tips.

About 3mm 

8 to 10 grams.


rg233 ring pricing


Who Is Kaisilver?

Kaisilver commenced online operations in the year 2001 after being in the jewelry and gemstone operations for over 10 years. We were one of the very first online custom jewelry providers and continue to grow and consolidate our position in the global market. We have always welcomed gold and silver jewelry orders and adjusted according to global economic conditions.Today over 9,000 gem and jewelry lovers across this planet proudly wear jewelry custom made by us. We are the preferred choice for all jewelry irrespective of the occassion for which the jewelry is being purchased. Wedding rings, mens rings, pendants, bracelets, promise rings, claddagh rings, gemstone earrings, belly rings, pins and broaches, mens pendants, cufflinks and even belt buckles are some of the jewels that we produce. Our customer base shows the depth and width of our expertise. Buyers include. politicians, fashion models, financial experts, lawyers, government officials, members of the armed forces, professors, students, nurses, doctors and surgeons, sportsmen, resort and casino owners and others.

Our quality standards are maintained by some of the toughest quality checking procedures in the industry. Every jewel is made under the intense supervision of experts from the gems and jewelry production field. Quality checks are implemented at every phase of production and not just in the final stage. Most jewelry producers perform one hurried quality check at the point of shipping the merchandise. With complete control over the entire design, production and gemstone operations we provide customization that has remained unmatched in the industry. You can choose the design, metal, dimensions and gemstone for your jewel. Equal care and attention is given to gold and silver custom jewelry by some of Thailand's finest craftsmen. Working with the world's leading gemstone mining and cutting operations, we get preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. Each gem is inspected by our experts before being custom cut.

We do not believe in hiring smart talking sales staff or splurging on media hype. We do understand that these fancy overheads are finally piled on the price tag for the buyer to bear. The support team at Kaisilver is staffed by experts from the gems and jewelry sector. You therefore get real answers and suggestions for all your queries. The emphasis is on customer satisfaction and not on sales targets.


How To Order?

The Kaisilver approach to producing and selling jewelry has brought a refreshing change to the online community. We do not want you to rush and make a hasty decision. We believe in educating and informing buyers to get a decision that is mutually beneficial. Getting your order is secondary to us, all we would like to see is for you to get a good deal. You send in your queries and doubt to the support team at The reply you get will include all details and suggestions related to your query, we do not wish to waste your time with sweet sales talk. If you would like us to call you on phone, do provide us with your phone number, country and state code. It would be helpful to have the time that you would feel comfortable to take the call too. We will have one of our English speaking experts to call you and discuss requirements. We can also follow up our email reply with a call to clarify any doubts.

For payment the preferred mode is Paypal and our email for Paypal is Backed with an Inernational Verified Premium Account, we give you the confidence to transact with us. While there is no best mode for payment, we have found Paypal to be fair and safe for the buyer and seller. You can fund your Paypal account with your credit card or bank account but, the bank or card details will never be given to us by Paypal. In cases where you and we feel comfortable, we will be willing to accept Direct Bank Transfers too. Bank details will be provided in such cases but, we reserve the right to accept bank transfers only in cases where we feel safe. While Western Union Money Transfers can also be accepted, we do not recommend this mode of payment at least, for first time buyers. 

Production lead time is normally 4 top 5 weeks, this will be mentioned at the time of accepting your order.  We need this time as each jewel is fully custom made under the strictest quality control standards. Every gemstone us handpicked and custom cut to fit the casted gold or silver mounting. Shipping will be through FEDEX and you will be provided the tracking number the moment the parcel ships.

Buyer comments


.......received ring yesterday as you promised. it is stunning, more beautiful than i expected. the design and craftsmanship are outstanding. thank you again, it has been a pleasure doing business with you. i will highly recommend you to everyone i know, and look forward to doing business with you in the future. your entire staff has been professional and you displayed a high degree of honesty and integrity throughout the transaction. thank your staff and your craftsman for their incredible work. please feel free to use me as a reference as a EXTREMELY satisfied customer. take care, i wish you all well. Lt. Colonel James William Brady USA, Ret. Beverly Hills, Florida

I am SO very pleased with the quality, beauty and extremely reasonable cost the ring I puchased for my fiance. I'm sorry it took so long for me to get back to you, but I am a busy woman, which made dealing with your company so conveinient for me. Your correspondence was greatly appreciated, and I must say, people who see the man04 ring are dazzled by it's beauty. You have a lifetime customer. Please let me know where I can post my allcolades to you on the website! God bless all of you! Pamela Adams, Toms river, NJ, USA

Wow!!! Pendant looks even better than I imagined. Stone work is beautiful and the cross is more beautiful than the design I submitted initially to develop the piece. I appreciate the timely replies and expert advice turning my idea into a wonderful piece of jewelry. My wife is going to be very pleased with this family pendant. Mr. Padgett, William S. CDR NHC PaxRiver NAS, U.S

The beautiful blue topaz pendant arrived Tuesday 9th December as expected. I was surprised and delighted with the wonderful colour, clarity, cut and size of the stone and also craftsmanship of the pendant. I would also like to add that your very efficient and helpful manner made it a pleasure to purchase the pendant and I would not hesitate in recommending Kaisilver to my friends and making another purchase in the future. My daughter-in-law was thrilled with her birthday present. Many thanks again. Ms. Karlena Wasley, Western Australia

If you are looking for a pink gem stone ring, the pink sapphire gem is one of your options. The gem has many things in it's favour, rarity, beauty and ofcourse hardness are features that should make you prefer a pink sapphire gem ring. The ring as shown on this page is sleek, streamlined and sturdy it is also moderately priced. Remember that you cannot get a good 14k or 18k ring with pink sapphire at a cheap price, a cheap ring would be a complete compromise on quality. Beware of gimmicks like 'lab created pink sapphire', simulated pink sapphire, cz pink sapphire etc. These are not natural sapphires and are man made pieces of junk. If you are interested in a pink gem ring but not keen about it being a sapphire, then you might have a few cheaper options. Pink topaz is something that you should be aware of, as 99% of the pink topaz traded today is cheap white topaz that is coated with a pink color layer! Kunzite might be an option but, remember that kunzite fades it's color over time. One pink gem that we could recommend is pink tourmaline, choose the shade of pink according to your preference. A medium colored pink tourmaline would most closely resemble pink sapphire. Morganite from the beryl family is another pink gem stone but, many buyers find the pink color of morganite to be too pale.


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